Yabanci – Grimorium


Yabanci - GrimoriumEarlier in 2015, driving back from a trip to the coast in a melancholy mood, Raven remembered the CD stashed in his glove-box and whacked it on to the car stereo. The ensuing sounds roused him from the depths of self-pity taking his soul on a journey of pure delight. Not only hearing the songs being sung, he could also feel the emotion with which it was penned.

Initially starting musically like a pre First Last and Always Sisters of Mercy, the vocals of lead singer Ladyghost are raw and punky in a similar vein to Siouxsie and Xmal’s Anja.

As the album progresses a heavy debt is owed to the Dawnrazor era Nephilim due to the intricate guitar work of Valerio. Throughout all of the tracks there is a layer of keyboard laid down, creating an atmospheric feeling to this familiar sound.

Where some albums hit you with instantly catchy choruses, ‘Grimorium’ will be a difficult beast to sing along to. There is no stand out track as such but just as the album title indicates, each track follows on from one another like the chapters of a book.

It is as if the tracks are intrinsically linked with the powerful drums, bass and the ever present hum of the keyboard creating a wall of gothic sound that Mr Spector himself would indeed be proud of. It is a hauntingly dark offering casting a spell over the listener.

Recorded in the latter part of 2013 and into the New Year the CD incorporates the tracks from their 1st ep ‘Birth’ and includes 3 bonus tracks remixed by Gothic Music guru Oskar Terramortis.

Expectation is building for the new ep ‘Chaoss’ following the release of two taster tracks on the bands Bandcamp page. It is available on pre-order and is scheduled for release in late September to coincide with their appearance at this year’s Sacrosanct festival in Reading UK. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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