Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray (2014)Winter Severity Index in its latest form is formed by Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), and the Roman girls have just released their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”. After two widely acclaimed EP, the expectation was high. The result is even better than expected.

“Slanting Ray” benefits from an impeccable production, which makes it sound very homogeneous, and a real album, with a recognizable sound, an own atmosphere and depth. It is not an easy album and might seem redundant at the beginning, as no track seem to particularly stand out, but after a few listens, when you give in to the music, it will release its venomous and seductive taste. It is raw and frozen, heavily influenced by old school Post Punk and Coldwave.

“At least the snow” is full of finesse. “Ordinary Love”, enhanced by the saxophone parts (it sounds as good as it does in Der Noir’s last album), is a great classic Post Punk track, with strong basslines, an addictive guitar riff and deep vocals. “A sudden cold” is one of my favorite tracks as it brings this amazing feeling : just close your eyes and let the cold wave invade you. Other gems are “The Brightest Days”, and in particular “Compulsion” and its hypnotic beats and vocals. It all ends with the melancholy of guitars on “Embracing the Void”.

It is always a pleasure to hear bands committed to making the music they like the way they like it and I think that can be heard in WSI’s album. “Slanting Ray” is the coldest and coolest thing to listen to this summer, while waiting for the return of grey and cold days. ► by Guillaume Renard


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