White Blacula – The Great All Knowing White Blacula

White Blacula - The Great All Knowing White BlaculaAs far as I know this is a project featuring members of Double Echo and Zombina And The Skeletones, so we have here a pretty catchy mixture of Post Punk and Horror Punk-Death Rock. Definitely this project has come with a very good combination of sounds; Think about that old song called “Monster Mash”, The Cramps, Screaming Lord Sutch, maybe some Alien Sex Fiend, Dark Psychedelia, Sun Glasses After Dark, and some pinch of The Tiger Lillies; this experience can be pretty dark, crazy, and funny at the same time. In my opinion they have the heart and soul of the first generation of Post Punk-Gothic bands, because they have this dark sound which has been spawned with the unexpected blending of influences, and the result is this entrancing music created by this entity which has their very own and unique charm…

“Pyramid Twist” Is Dark-Psychedelic sound at its best; nothing can be more appropriate for a crazy Halloween party, so get in your best costume and make-up, and get mad. “Son Of A Creature Man” is a honest to god homage to the fantastic sound of The (beloved) Cramps, and it is mixed with some sublime chords from the 60’s; very tasty song.

This song is tied up with the following one: “Ancient Moves” is a perfect progression from the previous track, the rhythm gets faster here, and it reaches a wild climax with lots of sax sounds. “Sharp Elbows, Sharp Knees” is such a good song, it has great rhythm, catchy melodic hooks, and is so dynamic; but it is pretty short: It only lasts for 2:04 minutes. Next one is one of my personal favorites in this album; “She Comes In Cobwebs” It’s so dark, eerie, and it’s mesmerizing; this song has great atmosphere … B movie atmosphere! “The Cosmic Constant” is such a wild and dark-acid trip. “The Great All Knowing” is another tasty mid-tempo gem, with some obscure tones of the best Horror Rock – Death Rock and it features this great theatrical-vocal performance.

“I Did It For Love” has haunting chords, is dark and wild; it’s like some unknown creature lurking in the shadows, and it is wild. “Spirit Walk” is like an intro for the following song called “Four Horsemen Of Apunkalypse”, this is a pretty experimental track. “The Big Release” is some king of Garage Rock mixed with old Twist, and Horror-Rock vocal tones; good one! The final track is “Mysterious Dimensions”, it’s pure hallucination.

Pretty good combination of sounds here: Horror Punk, Horror Rock, Dark Psychedelic sounds, Twist, Gotha-billy, and Death Rock. This band made kind of nostalgic about some great stuff of the beginning of the New Millennium; I really enjoyed this album because I had a good time while listening to it. Last week was Halloween, so why don’t you can get a wild post-Halloween party with great music like this?. ► by Daniel Olvera

White Blacula – The Great All Knowing White Blacula
Ectoplastic Records / Postmusic
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