Whispers In The Shadow – Beyond The Cycles Of Time

Whispers In The Shadows - Beyond The Cycles of Time (2014)This is a special moment in the existence of Whispers In The Shadow; the new album represent the end of a cycle. This is a brew extract of the press kit for this new release: “Thematically, Whispers in the Shadow took their path into the depths of occultism with their album INTO THE ARMS CHAOS, released in 2008, and started a four-album-cycle, which deals with the four alchemic stages of the transformation”

Whispers In The Shadow are back with their high-level music, this Occvlt Gothic Rock. This band has a very special energy, and a well-defined and unique identity. I really like this because they bet for a sound of their own. This sound is evolving and getting better and better, making of Whispers In The Shadow one relevant band in the world wide scene of the true Gothic Rock. The discography of WITS includes more than 15 releases, but I have to say that their sound is really refreshing and it has been renewed in the recent years. This is the result of the experience gained through the years; the musicianship in this album is sober and strong, it is definitive.

“Crossroads” is mid-tempo, and has determination and catchy melody; this one sounds really BIG. Great start for this album. “His Name Is Legion” is a display of tasteful guitar-oriented Gothic Rock; and it is a perfectly balanced song. “Left Hand Anthem” includes shinths and this inspiring mood, it rises higher, and higher and then…. Here is “The Sacrament”, this song has aplomb and dominant bass lines. This track is constructed around the strong rhythm section; the guitars are combined with the keyboards, and the passionate vocal performance creating this majestic sound. “Safe And Sound” has the same features of the previous track; this song is so finely crafted! The pace is slow and darkly delicious.

“Lilitu’s Claws” is an instrumental tune, is very dynamic and it has great hook. The basis of this track is simple and quite effective; they complete the picture here with this well-constructed arrangement, and the use of samplers. “Incantation” is totally deep and introspective, with mesmerizing melody. I can say the same about “Agent Of Chaos” The guitar work and the pace in those two tracks, made me think in some passages of the album “Disintegration” by The Cure; specially “Incantation”. “Agent Of Chaos” adds more intensity and the vocal performance is more dramatic. These two tracks have some really ominous sound…Total respect!

“The End Of Future” could be described as Gothic-Progressive sound; the different stages in this song are well executed, and the transitions are linked with expertise. This song is non-stop dynamism from the beginning to the end. “Adversarial Light” is atmospheric and dramatic; is like an intro to “The Departure” This song takes the progressions to another level, with epic feeling. It is a great conclusion for this record, and for the entire four-album cycle.

Impressive work by Whispers In The Shadow, captivating music with awesome production (Perfect recording and mixing) the song writing and the execution are high quality stuff. From now on, this album is a serious contender to be one of the best records of 2014.
I want to listen to this album again and again….


As I said before this is a special moment in the history of WITS, alongside with that brilliant new work; they have released a Tarot deck and this bonus album for the people who took part in the pledge campaign for “Beyond The Cycles Of Time”. You have this collection of ten tracks as an extra: More Whispers In The Shadows, more great Gothic Rock….This is worth every cent that you can spend on it. More like an investment; this is a guaranteed profit for everyone who loves real Gothic Rock… Gothic Rock with vision and innovative spirit.  ► by Daniel Olvera


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