What do you think is the best Sisters of Mercy release to date?

The Sister(s) of Mercy – Distance over time

“We are a rock ‘n’ roll band.
And a pop band.
And an industrial groove machine.
We are intellectual love gods.
We make records, sometimes.
We play concerts, sometimes.
You’re here anyway.
This website contains ninety-seven million words, which are
You’re welcome.”


“It’s all a matter of technique. We have it, and you don’t, so if you shut the fuck up, we’ll play some songs and everyone’ll be happy.”
Andrew Eldritch

What else is there to write about the Sisters? Is there anything to write about them in a book about gothic music? Are the Sisters even gothic? Or gothic rock? Or alternative rock? Or just dark rock? Are the Sisters even significant to the “scene” any longer? Were they ever significant? And why is it that Mr. Eldritch fights so hard not to be associated with the goth scene? Will there ever be a new album? Or just tours? Will Eldritch‘s voice ever recover to such an extent that you can describe his whimpering as singing?

These are questions the world does not need. So you will not find answers to most of these question in this book. Nobody knows if there will ever be another studio album by the Sisters.

The Sisters are and always were more of a rock band than a gothic band, and they always defined themselves as a rock band. Or as a pop band. Or as intellectual love gods. Anyway.

It is a fact that the Sisters and their music came from the gothic scene, which they accompanied and shaped. But at some point the music became too great and the so-called “gothic” scene grew too small for this band. And the band turned into Andrew Eldritch‘s one man show. And rightly so. Without him, his songwriting and his lyrics the Sisters would not be where they are today. He made the Sisters great. And currently he is making them small again. He gave birth to the Sisters, he raised them, made them successful, and he will let them die when it is time. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about now. Instead, we will try to explain a phenomenon and tell the story of a band that has not released an album in the past 24 years but still tours the world playing to packed venues. KEEP READING

What do you think is the best Sister of Mercy release to date?


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