We Are Waves – Labile

We Are Waves - Labile (2014)Ah, 80’s nostalgia…And more!

When listening to this album created by We Are Waves, it was impossible to resist to the nostalgic feeling. I was literally transported to that time of my childhood, when the radio at my home was tuned in “Rock 101”; and the sound waves flew through the air carrying the sounds of The Cure, The Smiths, A Flock Of Seagulls, Icicle Works, ABC, Tears For Fears and so, and so…

What a great time it was!

And We Are Waves honor to those wonderful times with majesty. Their music is a wonderful dose of refined Post Punk sound, and New Wave. But I have to say that they come with a twist:They are doing here some interesting combination, with the addition of some elements of the European Electro-Dark Wave, and Synth Pop of The New Millennium. The result is a really refreshing combination of powerful rhythmic hooks, electro, and those danceable melodies in the tradition of the most inspired and colorful 80’s New Wave.”Road To You” kicks off this album with lots of rhythm and 80’s heart and soul.

These musicians are really well assembled as a band, and the voice fits quite well to the different approaches in their music. “Old Days” is another blast from the 80’s with lots of rhythm and passionate energy.”Raquin’s Violent Vein” completes the 1, 2, 3 combo; and they give you no rest with this energy and great rhythm. This song is moving smoothly to the sound of early 00’s Synth Pop. “Blue Lies” is more into the New Millennium without losing a bit of strength and class. The track selection in this album is quite acertive, in terms of how they handle the mood and pace. This musical work is well ensambled.

“Whenever I’m Alone” is more atmospheric in its sound, it’s vey relaxing and melodic; this one is for your listening pleasure. “Emptiness Behind The Walls” has this controlled tension that creates expecting feeling, and then… there’s this energetic melody and rhythm, combined with elegance and lots of feeling; good! “Here” is deliciously sophisticated and immersive; by the other hand: “Worship” is intensity, with great use of transitions, thus creating different sonic textures. “If You Were Me” is atmosphere and piano sound; this is like some kind of intro to…”A Forest”; the classic tune by The Cure. I have to say that as a long-time Cure fan, I’m really glad with this cover version: Thumbs up!!

And finally; “Rotten Galaxy” is performed with great vitality and good vibe.

“Labile”, by We Are Waves is a high-level album; it has great music, flawless execution and the production (recording and mixing) is sober…

Great Work!  ► by  Daniel Olvera

We Are Waves – Labile (2014)
Memorial Records


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