Wayne Hussey – You Are Not Alone (performed for RTSI)

Wayne Hussey have recorded an exclusive version of his song “You Are Not Alone” for the Swedish RTSI (Right To Subculture Identity) – initiative. Wayne has also recorded an exclusive video for the song along with an introduction where he talks about the meaning of the song.
Kari Berg, the project manager for RTSI is very happy for Wayne‘s contribution. RTSI also work closely with The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, who also expressed their gratitude towards Wayne on The Mission’s facebook.

We also noted that the video was put together by Nik from Dark Side Cowboys.

Here is what Wayne wrote on the Mission homepage:

From Wayne: A few months ago I recorded an exclusive acoustic version of ‘You Are Not Alone’ (from Candlelight & Razorblades) and filmed a video for the RTSI organisation, affiliated with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, in Sweden. You can read about its very worthy aims and goals at the links below. Also the video is linked here too.
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The introduction
The RTSI video channel
The RTSI FB page
The RTSI web page
About the RTSI-initiative in english
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation


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