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Waterglass -– Wisdom Like SilenceWaterglass is a very experienced Darkwave – Gothic band; and they started to work together back in 1991. They mention amongst their influences to artists like The Cure, Echo and The Bunnymen, The Danse Society, The Smiths and to lots of other very important bands from the 80’s and 90’s.

With those years of work in the underground scene, combined with their wide array of musical influences; Waterglass steps right into the New Millennium with their second full-length called “Wisdom Like silence” and it is a very pleasant experience full of melodic sonic landscapes.

“Departure” has a gloomy and dark intro, the rhythm comes with solid pace, and the voice is full of passion and drama, this song has a combination of intensity and luminous melodic passages at the end. This is a pretty good opening tune. “Longshore Drift” has beautiful melody and nostalgic feel; pretty emotive track. “Lover” is the opposite side because it is dramatic and intense; “Lover, I love you more than you love me” The song has kind of a claustrophobic mood, and suddenly it explodes like a real storm of repressed emotions.

“Star Of The Sea” takes you to a kindest place with its sublime melodic bass lines, fine guitars, and cadenced rhythm. “Fading Fast” is ethereal, romantic and nostalgic; this song is so warm and heartfelt. “Sympathy” displays playful vocal performance and catchy melody. “Forget Myself” is ethereal Post-Punk sound. “Staring At The Sound” is a very passionate song, and the emotion is overwhelming in the chorus; really fine track.

“Return” is sublime and ethereal with acoustic sound; this song is really trance-inducing. “Transcendence” has acoustic sound too and it’s really deep and almost cinematic; strong passion here!

Waterglass has a very well-defined identity, they are really good songwriters and experienced artists, and the vocal performance is one of their strong points: powerful and emotive in one song; and sublime and charming in the next one. She is like a first person story-teller, and the music brings the most suitable background; because they are really good at it.
Pretty interesting band and album. ► by Daniel Olvera


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