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Virgin In Veil

Created in January 2015 by Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, ex-Sleeping Children), Virgin in Veil is a deathrock band from Helsinki, Finland.

Virgin in Veil released its first demo two months after the band came to life. Available for free on the internet, this first release allowed Virgin in Veil to get gigs, be played on radios and goth parties all around the world, as well as making a name in the deathrock and punk scenes.

After touring in Europe, Russia, U.S.A. and Mexico, the band released their new ep, “The Glory Hole”. Initially self-released, the underground success of the record resulted in Finnish label Fairy Dust Records releasing a 7″ vinyl version of “The Glory Hole” in May 2016.

After adding guitar player Rudy Soininen to its line-up, Virgin in Veil is currently working on its first full-length album, scheduled for winter 2016/2017, while playing gigs all over Europe.

Virgin in Veil is mix of catchy decadent melodies and fast beats – as well at its members debauched behavior on and outside of the stage – have granted the band to be acknowledged as one of the most interesting newcomers in the contemporary deathrock scene.


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