Varsovie – L’heure Et La Trajectoire

Varsovie- L’heure et la trajectoire (2014)This is a great album brought to you by a French band from Grenoble. If you are a fan of the first period of French Rock band Noir Désir, you’ll love this. Although traces of Coldwave influences can also be found, as well as the inevitable mention of Joy Division, there is definitely a strong reminiscence of the album Veuillez Rendre l’Âme (à qui elle appartient), 25 years later. Vocals, lyrics (how many songs got the word “moleskine” in their lyrics?), bitterness of the text, dark atmosphere, no indulgence at all.

It is impossible not be reminded of this album. So why do I like it so much? Well, in my humble opinion, Veuillez Rendre l’Âme is one of, if not the best French Rock Albums of all times, so, if well executed, a new album very influenced by the first one can only please me. And damn yes, L’Heure et la Trajectoire is a great piece of work. Hypnotic basslines, raw guitars and frantic drums, everything is done to take you to the band’s sinuous ways and dark places, like an evocation of post-communist wastelands. And the vocals… those vocals which carry feelings and wounds, make the cracks of the soul emerge during the whole album. The band offers no break and its Rock/Post-Punk unleashes bitterness and desolation from beginning to end. “L’Eclaircie” is a real hit, so is “Sunsiaré”, but it seems slightly reductive to describe and analyze one track or another. The album is indeed very homogeneous and all songs are beautiful, harsh and dark, with deep and well written texts. Next step for me will be listening their previous works, and I hope to fall in love with them again. by Guillaume Renard.

Varsovie – L’heure Et La Trajectoire (2014)



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