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Various Artists – For The Bats III


For The Bats Volume IIIFor the Bats Vol.III is the latest Gothic Rock and Darkwave compilation where proceeds go to the Bat World Sanctuary, a benefit to help rehabilitate, rescue and conserve bats around the world. Based in Weatherford Texas, this sanctuary provides a permanent sanctuary for non-releasable bats as well as educating the public about the need and importance of bats around the world.

As a lover of bats myself, I was intrigued and impressed to see our culture do some good for the world and help save our flying, misunderstood, friends. This compilation has an excellent selection of the new Goth Rock infiltrating our scene this past decade, including The Eden House, Dystopian Society, Red Sun Revival, The Ancients, Cliff and Ivy, The Daughers of Bristol, The Death of Analog, Dogs in Trees, Estetica Noir, La Procesion de lo Infinito, Legion Within, PAAR, The Present Moment, Shinji, Silentport, L’ordre d’Héloïse, Solemn Shapes, Soulscape, Sounds Like Winter, Thalie Némésis, This Cold Night, Ultraviolence, The Danse Society, and Disjecta Membra, totaling in 25 songs in all! If saving our furry friends isn’t motivation enough to purchase this reasonably priced compilation ($9 through Bandcamp) then this amazing culmination of songs should surely make it’s way to your library for midnight witchcraft and cat dancing sessions that is completely normal and not in any way strange.

There really isn’t a bad song on this compilation but I will not bore you with a review of each and every song. Instead, I will highlight my personal favorites thus far…

Notable selections include the intro track Shinji – Lumina, an illuminating leisure song with sharp gloomy edges. Dystopian Society bringing Goth/punk to the foray as well as Eden House’s delightful track from the band’s 2nd album Half Life. Bloody Dead and Sexy’s collaboration with Gitane Demone to create Plastic Night Sky, an excellent selection I got to hear live a few years ago in L.A.

Red Sun Revival – In Your Name is an amazing song with charming piano interludes. Ultraviolence is an excellent example of the modern Post-punk/New Wave sound that has gotten popular the past few years. Austin TX’s This Cold Night was a real treat to hear; fans of Peter Murphey’s voice and dark minimal wave reminiscent of Farblos will find this track and band exquisite!

French band L’ordre d’Héloïse have an excellent cold wave track titled Riviere. As I’ve said before there is not a weak track on this compilation, all are excellent, and all are welcome. So boys and ghouls, if you would like to help save our furry fiends of the night, I strongly urge you to look at their Bandcamp page, and please purchase this excellent compilation for a mere $9.00. Quiet the bargain if you ask me!

Also, for more information about the Bat World Sanctuary, please visit: with tips, contact information, and a shop with cute bat gifts for you or your loved ones. It even has schematics to build your very own Bat House! So for the love of Goth, please…Relief the Bats!! ► by Dj Detra


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