Two Witches – Goodevil

Two Witches - Goodevil (2014)Two Witches is the most well-known Gothic Rock band coming out from the underground scene of Finland. This classic band has been active for decades doing great music, music with heart and soul of its own. If there’s some adequate term to describe the music of Two Witches, it is dark Gothic Rock. The music of this band belongs to the night and its creatures. Their song-structures are quite distinctive; the voice of Jirki Witch is totally unmistakable. Everybody who experienced the second wave of Gothic Rock from the 90’s have listened and enjoyed to those classic albums such as: “Vampire Kisses”, “Bites”, or “Faeriemagic” albums which have this irresistible and captivating atmosphere; with unforgettable songs such as the prophecy of doom called “The Omen”, the sinister sound of “Dead Dog’s Howl”, the darker and ominous Gothic sound of “Requiem”, or the mesmerizing sensuality of “Games” and “Irresistible”.

Two Witches have experienced line-up changes, lots of it. But the essence and the magic remain as strong like it was since the very beginning, and I’m really glad to listen to this new studio recording by this renewed, and (quite strong) new version of Two Witches. “Future World” is a spoken-word intro; and the sonic-Gothic Rock assault comes with “Inner Circle Outsider” which is totally hot stuff. This song exemplifies the sound of Two Witches to the point: We have these very distinctive, obscure, and entrancing harmonies combined with some abrasive guitar sound, and pounding rhythms. “The Monuments Are Collapsing” keeps on the high bit-rate and guitar power. This song has some acoustic passages, and the guitar riffs are very fluent.

“Zombie Walk” is another wall-buster. And this is awesome because you have three stunning heavy-weight hits in a raw…And the fourth one is called: “Electric Blue” which is awesome dark Gothic Rock, with razor-sharp guitars and somber chords; this is just mind-blowing. “The Sinner” digs deep down into the Fields (you will know what I mean when you are listening to this song) of traditional Gothic Rock with hats and long black coats, this track is classy stuff.

“Mr. Goo Devil” is an eerie spoken-word passage, which takes us straight to the dark-rocking sound spiced with synthesized beats of “Sinister Face”. Darkest Gothic Rock is here again With “Another Face”. This is the unique and captivating sound of Two Witches at its best; I love this track! “The New Black” is simply contagious; you will be hooked by this one. “Spirit Sacrifice” is ominous and predating Gothic Rock, with some heavy guitars and keyboards; fascinating track! “Dream Within A Dream” is a theatrical passage, a monologue emphasized with the proper music arrangement; and it’s the final act for this new full-length called: “GoodEvil”. ¡What a comeback album by Two Witches! “GoodEvil” is about the duality of human nature: Good and Evil, truth and lie, darkness and light. They have done an exciting album with interesting lyrics and concept. I really like sentences like this: “My inside is outside”…

This powerful intensity is in the DNA of the Finnish underground music; and Two Witches took this energy to the Gothic Rock music; and I have to say that their most noticeable attributes are: Their passion and intensity. And the band has a new incarnation, but the essence remains. “GoodEvil” is a great album. ► by Daniel Olvera

Two Witches – Goodevil (2014)
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