This is Gothic Rock Vol. I

THIS-IS-GOTHIC-ROCKCompilation by Oskar Terramortis
It began three years ago…

The very first release by Gothic Music Records was the split album featuring the combined talents of two relevant Finnish bands from the underground scene of today; they are Murnau’s Playhouse and Silent Scream with Bones from the Backyard. Since then, things are happening in a vertiginous succession: The current catalog of Gothic music records features underground bands from all over the world, and this new record label have received an incredible feedback from people who want to listen to the new breed of Post Punk and Gothic Rock.

The Origins…

OSKAR TERRAMORTIS 2011Oskar Terramortis is a very experienced DJ from Spain; he used to spin Gothic Rock in the Gothic Club Phobia, in the city of Madrid. After been active for years; he decided to quit to the night life and he began to work making radio shows for internet stations such as: Death Rock Radio Tampa and Cathedral 13. Due to his labor with the radio Shows “This Is Gothic Rock” and “Necromanteion”, he discovered the enormous potential and the exciting landscape of the underground scene of The New Millennium.

Those radio shows gained a loyal audience from all over the world; he made contact with lots of new bands and his first big project was then: “This Is Gothic Rock, The Book”, along with the music library of the Post Punk and Gothic Rock scenes of the New Millennium. Following next to these projects; the web site “This Is Gothic Rock” (now GOTHIC-ROCK.COM) was founded and it’s the receiver of the music and info from the new bands, we have been opened to different styles of dark post Punk music and Gothic Rock.

And this website has been growing day after day, week after week; with an amazing amount of information such as band bios, record reviews, news, and interviews. This is a definitive proof of how big is the underground right now.

Right here, right now; we are witnessing some of the most incredible moments in the history of the underground scene worldwide: The contact with new bands of Post Punk and Gothic Rock is growing almost on a daily basis, and its non-stop. Thanks to the internet we can have access to an almost unlimited amount of new music; and the (logical) next big project was… a record label.

So, one day DJ Oskar Terramortis joined forces with the staff of This Is Gothic Rock, and Swiss Dark Nights; and Gothic Music Records was born. The idea is simple: To support to the underground scene of today giving our best, because they are doing great music for all of us.

This is Gothic Rock Vol. 1

Gothic Music Records Proudly presents its first compilation album: “This Is Gothic Rock Vol.1” This album features the talent of our record label, and it’s a preview of the forthcoming releases planned for this year. We have to announce that there are new players, and we are honored by the respective collaboration of our special guests; they have joined forces with our current talent for this special celebration. ► by Daniel Olvera


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