Then Comes Silence – II


Then Comes Silence IIThis second album of Then Comes Silence, plainly entitled “II”, follows the steps of the first one. The Swedish act proves being extremely effective in its genre, by delivering a true gem of a record.

The classic features of shoegaze are  deeply and smartly exploited, with walls of distorted guitars, a lot of reverb, and altered vocals. What makes it different is the unbelievably dark gothic/post-punk feel they manage to inject to their songs. Songs are indeed gloomy and sometimes even scary, like “Ghost Child” and its amazing rhythmic variations. Tracks like “New Life” with a hypnotic, dark, old-school post-punk guitar hook, and changing psychedelic atmosphere, would suffice to justify the interest raised by the band, but luckily there’s more and the full album deserves dedicated listening.

“Mothman” is another high point, a neurotic nightmare within the nightmare. “In Between Worlds” offers a well-thought and remarkable conclusion –you’ll wish those ending drums would go on and on- as this is where the album takes you: between shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelia, yes… but above all, between life and death, bodies and souls, some place where dreams are nightmares, suns are black and sanity is an illusion. ► by Guillaume Renard.


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