The Woken Trees – NNON

the-woken-trees-nnonWhat is it nowadays about the sublime Goth/Post punk of Scandinavia, which just seems to go from strength to strength?. With NNON by the Copenhagen based sextet The Woken Trees, we have an almost perfect example of how bleak meets raw power.

From the opening bars of the thundering opener “Orders” to the fading out of the melancholy end piece “Your Sun, Your Skull”, we are aurally treated to a vocal onslaught by Kim Heyst, a rhythm section that were surely penned in the depths of Hades and held together by an overarching keyboard creating their effect laden signature sound. With 9 tracks and a playing time of just over 30 minutes, this confident debut album takes the listener on a journey through hell and back, but that my dear ones, is a good thing. It is beautifully dark and almost masochistic but oh boy does it feel good.

The album as a whole delivers in every aspect, melding barb wire guitars, as in “Succubus” and continuing on through standout track “Yells”, then losing no impact as it brings it to an almost ethereal but haunting level with “Holy Water”.

Comparisons can inevitably be drawn with the masters of this type of “goth without the image” sound, Joy Division along with contemporary’s She Wants Revenge’s electro post punk sound. It will appeal to both the Shoegazing Goth due to the deeply haunting vocals and relentless gloom that fills the listener’s soul, and also to the fan of a more thunderous rocky form of Goth/Post Punk.

Having toured Europe with their raw, electric live show and after issuing a follow up single “In the centre of the pyre”, the band are now on an indefinite hiatus as the various members pursue other musical ventures. Hopefully they won’t leave us waiting too long for the second offering! ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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