The Spiritual Bat – unveil brand new track – Human Museum


A few days the Italian Goth Act The Spiritual Bat revealed a brand new track followed by this statement:

This is a demo version, a preview of our newest song as of today (April 27th, 2015). We are still working on some details, but you get the idea… Actually, this is obviously my programmed drums, we are going to have acoustic drums on the album. We think Human Museum is somewhat different from the other four we have been working on. Soon you’ll get to hear those as well. EP coming up! We have chosen Human Museum to perform it live next Saturday, May 2nd, here in our hometown. Some of the other tunes are somewhat darker, theatrical, dramatic, they require being possessed live… Not quite sure I want to do that yet, here where our neighbors and colleagues and people from the real world live… 🙂 This is the first time Dario and I perform a song live within such a short time of conceiving it, arrangements still in the works… Let us know if you like it! What genre might this be? Dark Disco?


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