The Spiritual Bat – Mosaic

The Spiritual Bat - Mosaic (2014)New production by these Italian masters and I have to say that “Cruel Machine” (read the review here) is a great record; and with this new album called “Mosaic,” they have reached new heights. If you are new to the music of The Spiritual Bat; I can describe it as a perfect balance between Gothic Rock and Death Rock: Think about some good guitar-oriented 90’s Gothic Rock, the sober and powerful sound of Requiem In White, some touch of Ethereal-Gothic bands from the 90’s, Rozz Williams’s Christian Death; 80’s Dark Post Punk (Siouxsie comes to your mind for some moments), etc., etc.; really high standard stuff here.

With all of these influences blended in this unique sound created by them; the title of “Mosaic” is very descriptive for the music of The Spiritual Bat. The Dark Music is in the heart and soul of these experienced musicians, and they deliver great albums like this. They have great passion, and mastery.

If you love dark music, you will reach the ecstasy with “Mosaic”; this song has very dynamic and fluent rhythm, great performance in the vocals, and flawless guitar work. What a great way to kick-start this album. “Of Breath And Veils (Battlefield) goes mid tempo, and it has intensity, aplomb, and captivating melody.

“We Are Born, We Live, We Die” is the Death Rock sound of The New Millennium executed with excellence, brilliant track here! Next, you will be submerged in the deepness and introspection of “So Proud”; this track is finely constructed. “Linfo” has intensity, it combines Death Rock strong passages, and melodic transitions; is pretty interesting.

The title “Hypnotic” fits very well to describe the sound of this song. “If I Were A Flower” is simply trance-inducing and it has exotic sound. “Blown Away” has a fascinating obscure atmosphere, vocals with great passion, and stunning guitar sound. “Death March” concludes this album, creating in your mind images of a gloomy procession.

This record is very straight to the point; nine songs and no waste or dull tracks here. This has electrifying Death Rock and the slower songs come with substance and intensity. One of the best albums so far this year: Grandi The Spiritual Bat!! ► by Daniel Olvera


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