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Another must-watch analysis from Trash Theory Youtube Chanel.


Another must-watch analysis from Trash Theory Youtube Chanel.

1987 to 1989: “And the wind blows wild again”

Line up 1987 – 1989:
Andrew Eldritch (vocals)
Patricia Morrison (bass)
Dr. Avalanche (drums)

Work on the “Gift” album led to a cooperation with bass player Patricia Morrison (formerly of Gun Club); apparently everyone got on. In September 1987 there was a sign of life from the Sisters: the single “This Corrosion”, produced by Meatloaf‘s producer Jim Steinman. But this single was not really a sign of life. It was an impact. An earthquake. A bombastic inferno, opened by the 40-strong choir of the New York Choral Society, driven by a bass line unique for the Sisters and Dr Avalanches merciless drums that leave the audience unable to catch its breath The song escalates to an infernal finale which ends in Eldritch telling all his critics and former band members that there is nothing left to say that he has not yet said. Rumour has it that these lines were also directed in part at Wayne Hussey.

“I got nothing to say I ain’t said before
I bled all I can, I won’t bleed no more
I don’t need no one to understand
Why the blood run hold
The hired hand
On heart
Hand of God
Floodland and Driven Apart
Run cold
Like a healing hand”
This Corrosion

“This Corrosion” became the Sisters‘ first commercial hit single and reached 7th place in the UK singles charts. The B-side of “This Corrosion” consists of “Torch” and of “Colours”, a song already familiar from “Gift”, but sung this time by Eldritch.




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