The Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet (Official Video)

For those unfamiliar with vinyl: the album is dominated by Hussey from “Black Planet” to “Marian”, and by Marx from “First and Last and Always” to “Some Kind of Stranger”. Gary Marx left the Sisters during the album tour and founded Ghost Dance because of personal differences with Mr Eldritch about the future of the Sisters.

The three remaining members continued the tour, finished it with the legendary gig at the Royal Albert Hall and began working on the new album entitled “Left on Mission and Revenge”. But disagreements soon arose. Apparently, Andrew wanted to use more synthesizers while Hussey and Adams wanted to become more commercially acceptable, more rock. Anyway, this lead to a breakup on friendly terms at this time, and that was the end of the Sisters. For the time being. Raise the curtain for the Sisterhood. (Read the complete report).


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