The Sister Of Mercy – 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

The Sisters of Mercy – First And Last And Always box set:

Availability: July 24, 2015



First and Last and Always
Side One
1. “Black Planet”
2. “Walk Away”
3. “No Time To Cry”
4. “A Rock And A Hard Place”
5. “Marian”

Side Two
6. “First And Last And Always”
7. “Possession”
8. “Nine While Nine”
9. “Logic”
10. “Some Kind Of Stranger”

Body And Soul
Side One
1. “Body And Soul”
2. “Body Electric” (1984 version)

Side Two
3. “Train”
4. “Afterhours”

Walk Away
Side One
1. “Walk Away”

Side Two
2. “Poison Door”
3. “On The Wire”

No Time To Cry
Side One
1. “No Time To Cry”

Side Two
2. “Blood Money”
3. “Bury Me Deep”

The following statement was posted on Facebook by one of the Sister’s pages regarding of the 30th Anniversary of First and Last and Always:

“This July Warner Music will release a fantastic vinyl box set compiling the band’s classic 1985 debut ‘First and Last and Always’ with 3 EPs from the era. All pressed on 180g vinyl with faithfully reproduced artwork. The set will also be replicated digitally, with “Body Electric” (1984 Version) and “Afterhours” being made available digitally for the first time ever!

More details to follow soon!”


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