The Shallow Graves – Signs with Gothic Music Records

Breathing-V-BlueAfter their highly recommend gothic rock album “Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream” the German duo The Shallow Graves jumped into Gothic Music Records family tree, their upcoming album “Breathing Prayers And Echoes Of Goodbyes” will be released after summer. Expect one the best gothic rock albums this year so far. Check out The Shallow Graves on Facebook.

“….Julian Shallow and Chris Moribound are very experienced and they are writing a new page, and it is a very refreshing one. The Shallow Graves is here with high quality Gothic Rock with Dark Wave textures; this album is so finely crafted and their music is very dynamic: It has powerful guitars, great rhythm, and some well placed synths; this one has great songs for the dark dance floor too. ”Smoke Screen To Your Broken Dream” has the majesty of the 90’s Goth Rock classics mixed with the refreshing approach and energy of the great bands from The New Millennium. We have here great music with a top quality production, the work in the recording and mix is so detailed and the sound is crystal-clear like.” ► by  Daniel Olvera



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