The Nefilim – Penetration (Official Video)

Carl: ‘Elizium’ when it came out was very different from ‘The Nephilim’ album, which was its predecessor, and obviously ‘Zoon’ was something I needed to achieve. It was part of the whole Nephilim jigsaw puzzle, I think. At the time, I re-spelt the band’s name (as The Nefilim), just due to the fact that I thought it might be confusing, because it was quite an extreme approach compared to what I’d done in the past. But I needed to do that; there’s obviously a lot of emotions to deal with in music, and, y’know… there’s a huge palette there, and so I didn’t wanna be restricted and just be known for this kinda slow, dreary band. And so ‘Zoon’ was kinda the answer to ‘Elizium’, for me, but looking back in retrospect now, I feel it could’ve come under the same name (Fields of the Nephilim). I mean, it’s all the same thing, really, to me. It’s what I do. (Read the complete interview)


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