The Last Cry – Living in Grey

The Last Cry – Living in GreyEmerging from the South Coast of England, The Last Cry are a band of two eras. In their original incarnation they formed in 1985 and were together until around 1992, albeit with an ever changing line up, before going their separate ways.

The current version of the band reformed at the start of the new millennium with a settled line up being achieved in 2007. This consisted of original drummer Andrew Birch, by now having moved to vocal duties, keyboardist/Guitarist Tim Green and ever present bassist Chris Carey.

The debut album “Walking to the Edge” was released in 2009 and consisted of old songs from over the period of the bands lifetime along with new tracks all reworked with the philosophy of the group in its present form. A review of this album will materialize on Gothic-rock.com in the near future.

‘Living in Grey’ is the follow up album released towards the end of 2012.

After a number of listens a definite The Cure influence can be heard musically with keyboards layered over moody guitar textures on all of the tracks. This soundscape is then combined with a singer who produces powerful, heartfelt vocals that project raw emotion into the songs with a sound reminiscent of Tony Hadley of new wave band Spandau Ballet.

‘Song about’ is a powerful ballad complete with swirling guitars that kick into an emotion filled chorus. An early challenger for stand out track which indeed turns Raven into a weeping with joy groupie every time he sees them live (which is a lot), but the accolade for best track will soon be mentioned.

‘Jane’ is another strong ballad featuring acoustic guitars with the ever present keyboards underpinning the music and deserves its place upon this album, due to the massive inspiration that the lady herself brings.

But it is ‘To dream next to you’ that is the reviewers standout track. Complete with crunching guitars and a catchy call and return chorus it turns the track into a true dancefloor classic. Matched with Andrews scorching vocals, this song is sublime.

The album ends with title track “Living in Grey” a 9 minute behemoth of a song again with the by now swirling keyboard and guitar sound building to a crescendo at which point Andrews vocals take the song to a new level.

2015/16 should see the release of their highly anticipated 3rd album ‘Goodbye’ which sees the return of Andrews brother to the creating table and hopefully to the live band

If you want an album that takes your soul to unprecedented heights, this is the one to choose as Messrs Birch, Green and Carey have produced a gem of an album.  ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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