The KVB – Out of Body

The KVB - Out of Body EPFormed in 2010 as a shoe-gaze/minimal electro duo, Nicholas Wood and Kat Day have left deep impressions on the moody psyche of modern music, reviving the shoe-gaze genre of the early 90’s. The dreamy corridors of the Out of Body EP are riddled with dark corners of melancholic, romantic passageways. The first track All Around You builds up momentum for this cosmic expedition; beautifully paced with tender lyrics and classic guitar work mark the departure for this out of body experience.

The second track, From Afar is carefully sculpted from the hands of skilled musicians that truly appreciate and have learned from the classic bands of days past. The guitar delay is bubbly and dreamy as ocean currents. The most appealing quality to shoe-gaze is its unpretentious nature, simply laying out the subjective themes and emotions allowing the listener to judge and relate it to themselves, the proposition may be of love but the listener is not burdened with oversimplifications of such complicated sentiments.

Heavy Eyes delivers a wall of guitar sounds reverberating the ears in psychedelic drama, the closest song relating the bands alternative rock influences. Laconic vocals juxtaposed against a heavy backdrop of distortion and delay create a chaotic atmosphere of desire. Cartesian Bodies has a beautiful catchy guitar riff that stands out the most to me in this EP release, possibly my favorite track with its serene execution.

Across the Sea is a subtle alternative track bearing similar tones and pace as previously heard. Finally the last song Between Suns is a slow swelter of arid desert sands, a ticking timer that almost feels like a countdown towards the end of this extended play.

The KVB has a steady theme of dreamy atmosphere and shoe-gaze sensibilities which makes this EP better understood as a whole, front to back, listening experience. Quite enjoyable as background music for a day of optimism and dreary fun in the sun. Fans of Slowdive or The Horrors will want to listen to this EP and add it to their growing shoe-gaze collection. The KVB hail from the UK, for more information visit www.thekvb.co.uk the official website or www.thekvb.bandcamp.com to hear some tunes and music orders. ► by Dj Detra


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