The Insight – White Noise

The Insight - White NoiseThe Insight have provided their own soap opera of sorts in 2015 with the release of their 3rd Album ‘White Noise’. Gaets, Steevo, Dulac along with the omnipresent Karo, have suffered the disappointment of a breakdown with their original choice of record label resulting in the false start release of the cd in April of this year.

Eventually however, via the use of an indie-go-go campaign, they were able to release the album independently on Swiss Dark Nights, the label that is the brainchild of Valerio Lovecchio (Hapax, Yabanci), and followed this up by signing to Damian Gibbs Deadfall Management.

The music is a heady mix of Post Punk, Cold Wave and Goth Rock, which gives it a massive platform to be popular with a wide audience. Plus it has the added bonus in our eyes, that the style of vocals and delivery of the music is blissfully unique.

The album kicks off with the generous ‘One eyed Jack’. At almost ten minutes in duration it takes us through the impressive vocal range of Gaets, beautifully delivered with the emotion of a man who wants his listeners to not only hear but feel the emotion that seeps from his heart.

‘Give me a chance’ is a heartfelt masterpiece, which has been very close to Raven’s heart during a very emotional year. This is followed by ‘Lost Souls’, a song that bridges the gap between Post Punk and Goth and is the song that first turned us on to ‘The Insight’ having heard it on various mixcloud radio shows. It is definitely an album highlight.

In ‘Falling down’ you have it all. Vocals to draw you in, drums to punch you with intensity and the guitars to sing to your soul, whilst ‘I Will’ has the sexiest undertones heard for a long time on a Goth/Post Punk album and takes you on a journey that is almost a story of a lover’s illicit tryst.

‘Waiting for’ continues with the sexy swagger akin to very early classic Rolling Stones and it’s about now you realize this album is pulling you close and whispering naughty words in your ear to titillate and tease. You end up feeling like you are craving the next song like a very happy music junkie.

Penultimate track ‘The field I died’ is the most Joy Division sounding track of the album, a classic in the making and has definitely got Ravens vote for his favourite track.

Overall, this album was a pure delight to review, not only because of the quality of the music on show but because of the passion of The Insight to survive their troubles and on the strength of this showing they have not only survived, they won the war.

We truly hope that 2016 gives this amazing band the success they deserve. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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