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The hearse - the hearseWhen we were approached by Oskar Terramortis to review a great new British Goth/Post Punk band that had been recommended by Voe Saint-Clare of Angels of Liberty fame, we nearly snapped his hand off at the chance.

It was with much anticipation that we awaited the album and boy did it not disappoint. It has been on virtually every form of media playing hardware that we own. Car Stereo on way to work, PC at work and stereo at home…. Do we sound like we are gushing…..Well this album thoroughly deserves it… So on with the review…..

Hailing from Peterborough in UK, a city not previously known as a hotbed of Goth culture, The Hearse are John, Adam and Lee.

So, picture if you will, Peter Murphy style vocals over raw Joy Division style Post Punk and you will start to understand what potential for greatness this band has. The album kicks off strongly with the catchy hard hitting post punk offering ‘We bleed black, with its killer guitar loop, funky drum beat and deep sonorous vocals. To try and find one standout track is a very hard task indeed but the first highlight comes in the form of the 2nd track, ‘Empire down’. Its ‘softly does it’ introduction slowly intensifies until it crescendos, with deeper darker vocals and driving guitars, providing a result that is simply sublime!

The Bauhaus influence continues vocally throughout the whole album, but none more so than on ‘Dimming Moon’ which even displays Murphy’s pronunciation style of some of the words and makes for an outstanding track.

‘Ceremony’ sees a more Bowie-esque vocal coming through whereas ‘Shadow of Love’ although not The Damned classic, does give a passing nod to their influence.

As mentioned earlier this band have been championed by Voe from Angels of Liberty and in our opinion he has highlighted a band that have become his biggest rival for releasing album of the year.

If you want to treat a loved one or even yourself to a quality, early Yuletide present, then The Hearse have solved your dilemma. For a bargain price you can pick this immense album up from Gothic Music Records Bandcamp as a download, with the full CD release coming on the 27 January next year. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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