The Glass Set – First Image

The Glass Set - First ImageThe Glass Set are a three piece, dream-pop/alternative musical outfit from Boston Mass. It’s optimistic tone and happy mood may very well be what Doctors prescribe for fans of The Sundays, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush. The pace is relaxing and awash with flanger guitar, suitable drums and charming alternating male and female vocals. The EP begins with Luckiest Girl, a bleak forecast of alternative rock carried very well with some exquisite guitar work, like a slow grinder churning out 90’s alternative fuzz; an exquisite introduction that is possibly my favorite track. The consensus is that Elephant and Castle is the most popular so far, and rightfully so. It really captures that esoteric alternative spirit with its organ and indie rock sensibilities; enchanting and catchy. Next is the title track First Image, a gradually paced dream-pop melody, swirling with psychedelic imagery.

Ooh La La is a cheerful romp amongst dandelions; the high energy guitar work reminds me a bit of The Cure‘s post Wish days. Much like most of the songs on this EP, there are a lot of great alternative rock carefully crafted to draw in the listener to its particular style and genre but I seem to have trouble remembering anything I had heard after the music is over. Nothing that seems to distinguish itself from similar acts leaves me with little to remember from this band. There Goes Nobody is a good example of how the music would be a great for nostalgic novelty or background soundtrack to a blissful day/event but when the track has ended, no particular line or guitar riff is left with me. The song as well as the moment is gone.

The final track Keep it To Yourself, is a peculiar send off with a hodgepodge of slap bass, megaphones, and alternative rock guitars in a blender. My final verdict is that this project is very dedicated and well versed in the ways of dreamy, alternative, shoegaze rock and anyone interested in the genre should absolutely have a listen. However, I wish I could have taken a memory away from it when it was over. ► by Dj Detra

The Glass Set – First Image (2014)
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