The Foreign Resort – Crowdfunding US Tour 2015 and new EP!


THE FOREIGN RESORT – Crowd-funding US Tour 2015 and new EPWe are The Foreign Resort – a post punk trio from Copenhagen, Denmark. We have toured the USA several times and on every tour we have met amazing people. We love it and hope you will help us do it again when we release our new EP this fall.

We can cover some of the expenses ourselves but after recording, mixing and printing the EP we will need $7000 to make the US tour happen. But we don’t want to just ask for your money without giving something in return. So we came up with some ideas that we hope will inspire you to help us get back on the American roads:

  • An intimate live show designed for your living room
  • A traditional Danish dinner prepared by us in your kitchen
  • The vinyl or CD edition of our new EP incl. download + goodies sent to you before the official release
  • We deliver our new EP or any piece of merchandise directly to your door
  • A video of us performing a song at a scenic location on our next tour recorded especially for you



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