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The Flatfield - Passionless (2014)The Flatfield is a relatively new band from Finland; they began in 2011, and now they have released this captivating first album. This is a very interesting band and they are doing this stunning Post Punk – Gothic Rock, they are in the vein of some great new acts such as Beastmilk; or Ascetic:. The Underground is really healthy this days and it is evolving quite remarkably and some bands are taking their inspiration into the roots of dark music thus creating fresh and exciting sounds. The year 2012 had plenty of exciting Dark Punk bands, and 2013-2014 period became a good moment for these Post Punk bands that have this combination of dark elegance and raw energy, and this is exactly what The Flatfield is doing: Dark Post Punk music with refined Gothic Rock textures (specially the guitar work). This arousing intensity which flows like electricity.  As I said before, this band from Helsinki, and they have only three years of activity, but they’ve reached a very respectable and interesting development: They are skilled musicians, remarkable song writers, and this album has been finely produced; Passionless is a self-released production and they’ve done a great work here.

“Silence” is an excellent opening track and it causes a really good impression to the listener. This sound is totally rooted in the 80’s Dark Wave-Post Punk; the pace is mild and it denotes sobriety with those keyboards and the really fine guitar work. “The Witch” has the same refined sound but with intensity, especially in the chorus, with those wrenching vocals in the background; at this moment, the song simply explodes with raw power. “Passionless” is so dark with those hypnotic guitars; it has the pleasant texture of the black velvet. “New Time” has some great rhythm with those dominant bass lines, and the high precision in the drumming. Everything here was constructed around the rhythm section; and it sounds great. “Sore” is strongly emotive and nostalgic, and it has great passion too; this track is really touching. “Eternal” has some eerie atmosphere, and it’s another good dark tune. And finally here is “Praise” and the album reaches its highest point here with this great passion, and intensity to the max. But…I want more!!

This is a great debut album and it has only seven tracks, and there’s no waste here. This is an excellent first step for this band from Finland, it is stunning Dark Post Punk-Gothic music from the beginning to the end. ► by  Daniel Olvera

The Flatfield – Passionless (2014)
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