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The Beauty Of Gemina – Ghost Prayers

The Beauty Of Gemina - Ghost PrayersThis band is a very familiar one for regular listeners of the radio shows of Oskar Terramortis, and everyone here knows that The Beauty Of Gemina is one of the most sophisticated Dark Wave bands in the underground scene of today. This black velvet sound which is elegant and dark is one of their most distinctive features, they are great songwriters and skilled musicians; every release by them is a very pleasant experience, and a total delight for enthusiasts of Dark Wave- Gothic music. “Ghost Prayers” is their newest album; and I have to say that this time they have made some interesting musical experiments by adding new elements to their music, and this will be an interesting surprise.
One Million Stars” comes with dynamic rhythm and strong drumming; The Beauty Of Gemina displays their distinctive Dark Wave sound and chords with unique grace here. And you can appreciate some very subtle Folk-Rock aesthetic in this song; and this is clue about the musical surprises waiting for you in some of the following tracks. “All Those Days” is the perfect definition of the sound created by The Beauty Of Gemina; everything here is in a perfect balance, and the execution is awesome. “Hundred Lies” is a wonderful and passionate song with seductive atmosphere, and some Cold Wave background; great song indeed.
“Dancer On A Frozen Lake” is like their rendition of 80’s New Wave sound, and it sounds as soft as silk. “Run, Run, Run” rises the level of intensity and the guitar sound here is really exciting: This track is powerful and it was made to be played at top-volume. The next track is a huge surprise: They go really Leonard Cohen in “Dawn By The Horses” this is total Folk-Rock with acoustic guitar sound and piano, you have to listen to this one. ”When We Know” will take the listener to a reflexive and meditating mood; this is just voice and acoustic guitar sound, and is a really deep tune.
And the next track will take you to the unexpected grounds of Neo Folk stuff mixed with Dark Wave; the verse has some kind of medieval harmonies, and it’s properly entitled “Dragon”. After three experimental-acoustic songs in a row, they return to the path of Dark Wave music in “I Wish You Could Die” this one is mid-tempo and really melodic. “Time For A Heartache” combines Folk Rock influences with their distinctive sound, and the result is something really different. “Marianna” goes in the same direction as the previous track, and both songs are interesting. “Darkness” is another wonderful, and almost ethereal-like track with immersive atmosphere.
This album will be very interesting for the fans, and I suggest to new comers to listen to the previous albums of The Beauty Of Gemina, because this work has some new musical elements. ¡Check it out! ► by Daniel Olvera



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