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Feeding Fingers – Polaroid Papercuts (Official Video)

“Polaroid Papercuts”, the second single release from Feeding Fingers in 2015 with accompanying music video and preview of their forthcoming 5th studio album, Attend. Written, recorded and produced across nine countries; Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the United States – spanning the course of slightly more… Keep Reading


Cemetery – Wind And Shadows

This is one the best records of 2015 so far and i can say is the best Deathrock album of the year for sure, the guitar work is fantastic. Chicago’s newest teen pop sensation. Oskar Terramortis Cemetery – Wind And Shadows by Gothic Music Records Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – Dark Was The Night (Official Video)

‘Dark Was The Night’ is the second video from the Heathen Apostles debut album ‘Boot Hill Hymnal’ on Ratchet Blade Records. The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (King of Nuthin‘), Viktor Phoenix, Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave) and Luis Mascaro. Get Boot Hill Hymnal… Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – The Reckoning (Official Video)

The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, The Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (Kings of Nuthin‘), Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave), Viktor Phoenix and Luis Mascaro. “The Reckoning” is the first video from their debut album “Boot Hill Hymnal” available digitally at Itunes and on CD from Ratchet Blade Records. Check… Keep Reading


Borzoi – Pinnacle (Official Video)

Pre-Order Borzoi’s new ‘Pinnacle/I Feel Alien’ 7” from Pau Wau Records (limited to 300 copies): Facebook Bandcamp: Soudcloud: ‘Pinnacle’ Directed & Edited by Dalton Allen Producers: Zach Woods, Taylor Browne, Rhys Woodruff Co-Producers: Jim Hard, David Allen Cinematography: Aaron Berecka Colorist: Adam Brandenburg Assistant Director: Matt Stryker Assistant Camera: Charlie Pearce Stills… Keep Reading

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins is back only a year after the release of their first album, to present their new LP on Avant! Records. “To London or the Lake” is a short album of Dark Wave/Gothic Rock, keeping things simple and straight-to-the-point, and it’s tremendously effective! No time to lose, the album starts with “Air Dance” and… Keep Reading


Johnathan | Christian – Beautiful Hideous

With this first album, the Swedish Johnathan | Christian are delivering a real display of Darkwave elegance. The ability to produce extremely polished songs, solid and catchy, strikes the most. The production is immaculate, but the vocals bring warmth and exudes soulful tremors (“Fallen”). “Before the Dark”, a cover of French “dark” pop diva Mylène… Keep Reading


Monica Richards – Kindred

I have great respect and admiration towards Monica Richards and her awesome work in the underground scene. She is very talented: singer, composer, writer, graphic designer and illustrator. Monica has earned a true iconic status in the underground scene. I discovered her music in the mid 90’s with Faith And The Muse, sometime later I… Keep Reading


The Wake – Masked

Twenty two years ago (I was in denial about how long ago) Cleopatra Records released a classic Gothic rock masterpiece called Masked, the first full length album from the Ohio based band The Wake. This album is aggressive, a controlled fire, manic and dark in it’s delivery from Richard Witherspoon’s sonic guitar distortion to Troy Payne’s… Keep Reading


Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls (Official Music)

Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls – New single from Feeding Fingers. Written, produced & recorded across three countries – Germany, Austria & Italy during the Autumn & Winter of 2014. DOWNLOAD / STREAM THE SINGLE & B-SIDE Frontman, Justin Curfman returns with the group’s first release since their previous, 4th studio album, “The Occupant”… Keep Reading


Christian Death – Catastrophe Ballet

What could be said about this beloved album that hasn’t already been said in numerous reviews? I will give my personal take on the 2009 remastered release of this seminal 1984 album… Beneath His Widow (the bonus B side) adds dark mystique and acoustic guitars to this already near perfect album, a great song but… Keep Reading

The Glass Set – First Image

The Glass Set are a three piece, dream-pop/alternative musical outfit from Boston Mass. It’s optimistic tone and happy mood may very well be what Doctors prescribe for fans of The Sundays, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush. The pace is relaxing and awash with flanger guitar, suitable drums and charming alternating male and female vocals. The… Keep Reading

Hamsas XIII – Encompass

‘Encompass’ is the début album from dark, otherworldly duo, Hamsas XIII; a project combining the talents of Robyn Bright and Rich Witherspoon. The album is to be released on 22 April 2015, with pre-orders, sneak preview downloads and videos coming soon. From start to end, ‘Encompass’ aptly traces an important personal and musical journey for the… Keep Reading


The Drowning Season – Resurrection (Official Video)

The band’s third CD, DRUM MACHINES AND AMPHETAMINES, was released in August 2011.  The name of the album created a huge discussion (on Oskar Terramortis’s Fabebook wall back in the day), between Porl King and the band. Porl King argued he was the owner of DRUM MACHINES AND AMPHETAMINES phrase. Keep Reading

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