The Rip – The Rip

The Rip - The RipThe Rip, from the independent label Swiss Dark Nights have an indie/post-punk quality to them; sombre, melancholic and sumptuously dreamy. This self titled debut lays the groundwork for an intriguing sound. The voice, unmistakeable with an alluring accent, suits this particular outfit.

The slower moments, such as the song Hidden, are as thick as honey, reminiscent of a low key Jesus & Mary Chain. Halfway through the album on track Point of No Return there are noticeable drum machine dance beats, giving a slightly skewed perception of the music. Perhaps it was used to draw larger audience? I can understand the reasoning but the added ingredients may dilute the waters a bit when it comes to characterizing the style of the group.

An unspoken rule of new bands arriving to the stage is paying homage to the particular group, style, or culture that they either choose to represent or sell to with the first album. Don’t get me wrong, they sound really great, however, introducing the album with a great post-punk sound and deciding to experiment a bit with styles could be a bit confusing. This, of course, is only a personal opinion. To me the best aspects of this band are their fast paced, post-punk influenced, natural drum sounding charge for a captivating introduction.

Fast paced songs such as Fall Apart (my favorite), Deadline Reached, and Point of No Return are a fantastic representation of this group and would strongly recommend listening to their music via band camp at: Swiss Dark Nights. I really hope to hear more from this group in the future. I think the sound, especially that voice really have something here. Perhaps with a bit more internet presence? Finding info on this band was difficult!. ► by Dj Detra