All Hallows Eve – All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve - All Hallows Eve  Single (2013)I’m really enthusiastic about this new project; All Hallows Eve is here with this amazingly well-done blend of Gothic Rock and Dark Wave. This project was founded by Tom O’Connell (Ex-Garden Of Delight) and Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde), Mike Shaw joined with them some time later. This idea evolved and now All Hallows Eve is a big collaborative project; you can find in their guest list to the following names: Ashley Dayour, Marion Küchenmeister, Mike York, Rachel Speight, Tim Chandler, Bianca Stücker, and Jörg Kleudgen. They are experienced and talented artists, and the result is pretty interesting.

The very experienced musician and co-founder, Tom O’Connell stated the following: “We’re not a “real” band. We’re a project of different musicians from Germany, UK and over Europe, but based in Cologne / Bochum – Germany. It’s a gift for me to make music with all that musicians I ever want to make music with, so we’re open minded for many kinds of influences and people who want to make music with us.”

Big collaborative projects like this one are really interesting, because of the combination of different artistic visions and influences. I’m pretty sure that the result will be very interesting in the future; in the meantime here’s this first single featuring three mixes of “All Hallows Eve” and the “B side”: “Morning Glory” The first mix of “All Hallows Eve” is some very tasteful Gothic Rock with elegant Dark Wave textures and synths, it has great quality and is so catchy. The second mix is First-class Traditional Gothic Rock, with great guitars. The third mix is stunning and it sounds really powerful. “Morning Glory” is so relaxing and has atmosphere, the arrangement is very detailed here.

Really looking forward to the next release of All Hallows Eve, definitely I want to listen more of them.  ► by  Daniel Olvera