The Danse Society – Red Light | Shine / Re-recorded 2015 (Official Video)

This is the version of The Danse Society which includes to Paul Gilmartin (Founder member and drummer). The band has a new album entitled “Reincarnated” which included a re-recorded version of their classic Red Light (Shine) originally included on their second blast and ultra classic album “Heaven Is Waiting” (1984).

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The following info was upload on Gothic Rock from the source of Gilmartin’s Danse Society official website:

In 2009 Drummer and original member Paul Gilmartin contacted keyboard player David Whitaker with a view to reforming the band and producing new material. They made approaches to Steve Rawlings, still living in the US and pursuing amongst other things, his musical path with Meridian Dream. Whilst waiting for a response they wrote songs and lyrics and laid down tracks in Whitaker’s studio. These tracks would later become Change of Skin and Scarey Tales. Parallel to this, a campaign titled The Danse Society Reformation Plot was started on Facebook at the end of 2009 by Alison Howells and this had a galvanizing effect on the process – It allowed contact and showed the band it still had support out there. Paul Nash was contacted by the duo and despite initial reservations where said he would “have to think very carefully” about any return. – he eventually did and came in to the studio to lay down guitar tracks. Steve Rawlings delighted everyone by returning the contact and agreed to come over with a view to rejoining the line up.

Steve‘s return was short lived and after recording some vocals he returned to the US and has not as of yet, made clear any future intentions towards The Danse Society. Via the FaceBook page, the Italian vocalist Louisa Pile (aka Louisa Allsopp) who uses the stage name “Maethelyiah” entered the scene. The band began rehearsing with her on vocals and whilst this radical departure from a male vocalist caused much controversy amongst the faithful, the band persevered with it. Eventually a studio album took shape, Change of Skin, in July 2011. This was followed in November 2011 with the first single to be taken from another new album, “God Cry”. In April 2012 they released the second single from Change of Skin, “Vatican”, backed with a reworking of their classic early song “Seduction”. Their first live gig in 25 years was performed at Germany’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in May 2012, followed by selected festival dates and the addition of bassist Martin Roberts.
The fifth studio album, Scarey Tales, was released in February 2013.

The Danse Society - ReincarnatedReincarnation
At the time of writing this (December 2014) The Danse Society now consists of Paul Gilmartin, David Whitaker, Mal Macafferty, Elliott Wheeler, Craig Eddington and Brian Jay.

Martin Roberts having left to pursue other band interests as well as recording and producing artists and bands. Paul Nash and Louisa Pile continue to make music and at this time also use the band name.

Gilmartin’s Danse Society has regained the original ethos of the band with a strong male vocal which is proving popular with fans old and new as well as live audiences. David Whitaker is instrumental (pun intended) in the band’s development and direction and supports it in the studio whilst Craig Eddington‘s keyboards make the live performances as ethereal and dramatic as ever. Mal’s bass and technical expertise complements Gilmartin‘s distinctive and powerful drums to provide a solid TDS foundation to Elliott Wheeler‘s innovative and evocative lead guitar. The vocal is powerful and distinctive with echoes of Rawlings in fusion with a new yet polished talent that comes from a veteran rock vocalist with the experience, charisma and presence required of a successful front person.

The Danse Society Reincarnated itself and indeed – a sixth studio album penned by Gilmartin‘s skilled lyrical hand and scored by the band is imminent – as is another single and in 2015 more live performances to supplement the dozen or so that they have already undertaken. These included two sell out shows in London at the iconic venueThe Garage with Modern English in June and Balaam And The Angel in November. A new album and a surprise for old fans will be released in 2015.

Behind the scenes, there is much happening including a resolution to who will actually use The Danse Society name and title. Paul Gilmartin registered and holds Intellectual Property Rights to “The Danse Society” and the Crown of Thorns logo. Further consolidation is being finalised and 2015 will see the band refreshed and secure and delivering quality Dark Wave to the loyal and patient fanbase as well as new audiences.
The Danse Continues…