Click On Bandcamp: The Colors Of Silence – Darkness (Single)

Available for the very first time and previously unreleased, ‘Darkness’ is the first single from THE COLOURS OF SILENCE. The three track single includes a ‘remix’ that will surely please DJ’s in the underground music scene and an ‘atmos’ mix to take the listener to a totally different interpretation of the track.

TCOS is the brainchild of Rio de Janeiron/Brazil based song writer extraordinaire Helio Peixoto and is Influenced by electronica, darkwave and post punk. TCOS has truly become an international act of epic proportions with the addition of acclaimed vocalist Michael Aliani (Chiron, original vocalist of popular cult darkwave band Ikon) and special guest Dino Molinaro (Ikon/Chiron) on the bass.

This single is just the beginning for TCOS with a full album nearing completion.

TCOS is Dark, dreamy, intense, and at times frantic. This is electronic music with heart and soul.