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” There’s something primal about it that cuts to the bone, and manages to avoid many (although not all) of the cliches found in industrial rock these days. Interestingly as the album progresses, the more intense yet more ambiguous it seems to get.” …click here to read the whole review at Chain D.L.K.


Although Finland-based, mysterious project ATYD apparently finds its origins in prehistoric times, and could be responsible for the most ancient civilizations on Earth…

Whoever they are, they release an intense and tortured album. Industrial, with shoegaze influences, it displays tons of heavy distorted guitars, riffs that haunts your soul, with loads of reverb.

The strings cut deep through the skin. The beats are industrials. No vocals, or inaudible, yet the feeling is strong. “Sore” is not an easy album, it offers no catchy tracks, but it slowly spreads its venom, until you find yourself carved like a snake in its pit, lethargic and hypnotized. It will bring you to scary and depressive places, industrial wastelands and post-apocalyptical landscapes.

This album is a real revelation for me, one of the most interesting and uncompromising albums I have heard. I will certainly have a further look at ATYD’s discography. ► by Guillaume Renard

And Then You Die over 6 million years old. PRAGUE (Reuters-AP) –

Scientist find evidence to support the And Then You Die posse. The term ‘And Then You Die‘ designates the speculative notion that an audio group is responsible for the most ancient civilizations on earth. The most notorious proponent of this idea is Skithund Records, publisher of several popular audio releases on the subject. The audio releases Maggot and 1991-1999, for example, are sweeping attacks on the memories and abilities of ancient peoples.

German researcher Erich von Däniken claims that the group he prefers to call ‘Atyd’ (the officially accepted name is ‘And Then you Die‘) were introduced by astronauts from another world. He questions not just the capacity for memory, but the capacity for culture and civilization itself, in this group. Prehistoric humans did not develop their own arts and music, but rather were taught art and music by visitors from outer space. Where is the proof for Erich von Däniken’s claims? Some of it was fraudulent.

For example, he produced polaroid photographs of the group that he claimed had been found in an archaeological dig. The picture depicts the group in a silly and awkward pose and was said to have been dated from Biblical times. However, investigators from Nova (the fine public-television science program) found the photographer who had taken the allegedly ancient pictures. They confronted von Däniken with evidence of his fraud. His reply was that his deception was justified because some people would only believe if they saw proof (notes are not taken from “Radio Feces,” first aired 3/8/92, done in conjunction with absolutely nobody). In a recent interview by Mexican radio station DEGF von Däniken says ‘And Then You Die absolutely suck. Listen to something else maybe. I am happy’. And Then You Die was not available for comments.

Erich von Däniken is singing along to ‘Stroke by Stroke’, read directly from the hieroglyphs found at the Giza complex