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Soror Dolorosa’s new album “Apollo”

GET IT HERE Paris-based Soror Dolorosa creates raw and hungry gothic rock inspired by post-punk, death rock and cold wave. French for ‘Sister Pain’, Soror Dolorosa was formed in 2001 by vocalist Andy Julia. Taking its name from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, Soror Dolorosa channels its inspiration’s strong undercurrents of… Keep Reading

Soror Dolorosa sign with Prophecy Productions

Paris-based Soror Dolorosa (engl.: Sister Pain) belong to the most visionary contemporary groups in the blend of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave. The band name comes from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, which is marked by nostalgia and mourning, thus perfectly encapsulating Soror Dolorosa’s aesthetic aspirations. The quintet surrounding charismatic front… Keep Reading

LowCityRain – LowCityRain

LowCityRain is the poetic name Markus Siegenhort, from post metal band Lantlôs, has chosen for his new solo project, name and album, and that transmits perfectly the atmosphere of this first release. Far from his metal band epic evolving tracks, he will surprise his fans with his elegant, “urban and depressive” -as he states- new… Keep Reading

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