Then Comes Silence – Nyctophilian

Then-Comes-Silence---Nyctophilian---Then-Comes-Silence-III-(2015)Nyctophilia: nyc·to·phil·i·a (nĭk’tə-fĭl’ē-ə) n. A preference / comfort for the night or darkness. Also called scotophilia. – What a way to start a review, with a more than a romantic feeling behind the meaning of this word, also i jumped back into a classic “I only smile in the dark  – My only comfort is the night gone black” – Shirley Ann Manson . After their absolutely brilliant second album Then Comes Silence II in which review my mate Guillaume Renard resumed their sound as “between shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelia, yes… but above all, between life and death, bodies and souls, some place where dreams are nightmares, suns are black and sanity is an illusion. “. I couldn’t agree more on the description.

This Swedish quartet of the apocalypse returns with a new chapter Nyctophilian – Then Comes Silence III which is incredible well done, played and produced, they took 10 steps forward doing a very complex album, with unique atmospheres, sometimes i can listen something new and experimental that sounds really great. But, what is it exactly what they play?, it’s really hard to describe it just with one word or two, Then Comes Silence is that kind of band who mix everything from the past combined with new elements, it can be very accurate to say they play modern Gothic Post-Punk injected with some Indie atoms and sometimes they add a little bit of Garage Rock and of course the Shoegazing vibe mixed with some 90’s Alternative Rock.

You can find a lot of influences that goes from The Stooges to Bauhaus, from Joy Division to New Order, from E.A Poe to August Derleth, from the most experimental David Bowie to Editors, from Turbonegro to Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult, and that’s not all because they have also this evolving cinematic vibe all around in some of their mind-tempo songs, a very good exercise of algorithms and complexity into its atmosphere. Intense, i couldn’t stop to listen to it from the beginning to end, no single pause in between. The sequence between songs is just perfect, the intensity factor never fades away.

The opening track Strangers reminds me very lightly of the multi-hit of New Order – Blue Monday meets Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Around but in a Post-Punk version and of course taking the disco rhythm out of here. In my opinion it’s a very personal tribute to those glorious 80’s and which sounds just amazing. Same happens with the second track She Loves The Night which is some-kind of tribute to Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi is Dead without a doubt about it.

Then Comes Silence is a band that is light years far away from the standard Goth/Post-Punk, i wouldn’t recommend this album to a Goth/Post-Punk “purist”, this is something for open minded ears and if i had to compare the quality of this astonishing work with something that has been released in the past, i would say New Order’s – Movement – just fucking brilliant.

It’s impossible to pick up a song, all of them are great tunes, with a lot of layers, different atmospheres. Nyctophilian – Then Comes Silence III definitely is one of the most complete albums i ever heard in a long time, i ended the listening of the album with the sensation of satisfaction, this is because every song is quite different from each other. A very impressive work and definitely a must have. Just brutal. Vinyl collectors!!!! ► by Oskar Terramortis

Then Comes Silence – Nyctophilian (2015)
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