Ikon – Azkadelia

Ikon - Azkadelia  Single (2012)As always it is a pleasure to listen to the music of Ikon, they are one of the most respected bands in the Post Punk- Gothic Rock scene. This is their 2012 single “Azkadelia”; this one includes five tracks for your listening pleasure. Five finely crafted songs executed with excellence and passion. Another true collector’s item worth to have it in your personal collection, I have seen five different versions: Four colored vinyl editions (clear, blue, red and white) and CD.

In terms of music, the name of Ikon means guaranteed quality, because they are a consolidated classic in the underground scene.

First track is “Azkadelia” pretty catchy, with sober sound, and fascinating melody. It is really contagious and the arrangement here is superb: they combine the traditional drums, guitar, bass, and voice line up with synths, drum machine percussions, and additional samplings. It’s so contagious and stunning at the same time. “My Dreams, They Reminded Me Of You” (Dubmix) is nostalgic and has lost romance, the title is very appropriate for the mood of the song.

“In The Trial Of Tears” (Acoustic Version) is really tasteful; it has great melodic passages and it is a great song. “In Trust I Return” (2012 Remix) is more of this acoustic sound executed with majesty by Ikon, they are really great when doing acoustic tracks; and I never get tired of this. And finally there is “Azkadelia Version II” this one has strongest presence of electronic sound and the rhythm flows with great dynamism.

Ikon is a synonymous for great Gothic Rock & Post Punk music. Go for this one! ► by Daniel Olvera


Ikon – Stolen (Official Video)

The second single from the IKON album Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends, featuring Clifford Ennis on vocals. Clip directed by Nicholas Murphy.