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Merciful Nuns – Eternal Decay (Official Video)

What happened here? What happened there? Merciful Nuns more danceable than ever. MERCIFUL NUNS has returned with their ninth studio album titled A-U-M which was released today. The world is A-U-M, its light is Sun. Out today, 7th of April 2017 Tracklist A-U-M BEYOND NIRVANA ETERNAL DECAY CREMATION KUNDALINI EXPRESS DISCLOSURE LIGHTWAVES LOST CHORD OF THE SUN… Keep Reading


NEAR EARTH ORBIT – End Of All Existence LIVE

The driving forces behind the Merciful Nuns, Artaud Seth and Whispers in the Shadow’s Ashley Dayour, have come together to produce a conceptual album based on the end of the world, which In the End of all Existence they have forecast for the 16 March 2034. Not only an audio treat, it also comes complete with… Keep Reading


Merciful Nuns – Occvltation

Let us start this with review with an admission: neither of us had heard a full EP or album by German band Merciful Nuns before picking up this cd. Sure, we had heard a couple of tracks on various, gothic rock mixcloud shows and had seen their name crop up in various places and conversations.… Keep Reading


Merciful Nuns – Exosphere VI

From the darkest, coldest depths; a shimmering aural wall ever so slowly takes shape and builds in intensity. Faint, hypnotic, ancient whispers begin to surface. A much clearer voice from beyond now begins to take form and reminds us of that which we have forgotten. Thundering, deliberate drums and bass lines, perfectly blended guitar riffs… Keep Reading


Garden of Delight – Enki´s Temple | Rediscovered

If there is a philosophy of Enki, it manifests and explains itself in early Mesopotamian and Egyptian thought, where the true creator of the universe was manifest within nature, and that nature enveloped both the Anunnaki, and the humans. Nature, as the Great Mother, was still supreme, despite any patriarchal scheme to the contrary. Admittedly,… Keep Reading

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