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Bleib Modern – Self-Loathing (Official Video)

First released track from Bleib Modern‘s new album “Antagonism” that will be released by Third Coming Records (FR), Black Verb Records (DE) & Manic Depression (FR), april 1st 2017. ‘After relentlessly touring around Europe the past couple of years, they took a break in Berlin to lay down what was to become their most mature… Keep Reading

Schonwald – Inland (Official Video)

Schonwald is a duo from Italy formed by Alessandra Gismondi (voice and bass guitar) and Luca Bandini (guitar, synths and drum machines). Schonwald is all about atmospheres: hypnotic minimalist mood and a noise inclination with echoes of Suicide, New Order, The Cure, mingling with synth melodies straight from the ’80. Schonwald are evil, dark, dismal, empty,…… Keep Reading


13 questions to Babeth Letter (Trouble Fait’)

Babeth Letter Trouble Fait’ What was the very first record you bought? The first record I bought was David Bowie “Scary Monsters”. What is the most expensive record have you bought? Frankly … I don’t remember it. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? My 5 favorite bands are Bauhaus, David Bowie, Dead Can… Keep Reading

Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index in its latest form is formed by Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), and the Roman girls have just released their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”. After two widely acclaimed EP, the expectation was high. The result is even better than expected. “Slanting… Keep Reading


Ash Code – Nite Rite (Official Video) Director: Elio De Filippo (Nubes grafica) Assistant: Jessica Squillante Recording & Mixing: L’arte Dei Rumori LYRICS Volume up, lights down, the time is running out The wax melts on memories wrecked by doubts I don’t have to think now, it’s the moment to pretend, The answers are so clear, It’s not the end In… Keep Reading


Lotus Feed – Secret Garden (Official Video)

“SECRET GARDEN” From the 2015 album SECRET GARDEN, published by Manic Depression Records, Paris – available via: Director/ DoP: Danny Elevator Camera: Felix Brückner, Evin Bilmen, Danny Elevator Gimbal-Operator: Felix Brückner Editing / Color Correction: Danny Elevator, David Kleinekottmann Electricians: Szymon Achtelik, Carsten Pütz, Daniel Schweigler Keep Reading

People of Nothing – People of Nothing

I’m really impressed with the Post Punk scene of The New Millennium, it’s like a non-stop thing and there are lots of wonderful bands releasing awesome albums. And also I’m really impressed with this project called People Of Nothing and it’s awesome musicianship and talent.   People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established… Keep Reading

Schonwald – Lux (Official Video)

Lux ( light_ luce_lumière_licht_luz_свет_光) You Are you ready? Far away Let’s play You Are you steady? Not today Let’s play You collect lust and take me to the top You turn me on and take me to the top. The first single Lux is inspired by the latin meaning of the word which means Light… Keep Reading


Last Night – Last Night

This is exciting raw Post Punk with traces of Dark Punk and Punkish Garage sound, and even some slight touch of Death Rock; this is electric excitement from the beginning to the end. Intensity, rawness, dark sound, razor-sharp guitars, and infectious beats with pounding rhythm…¡I like this stuff! Last Night is a band from Paris,… Keep Reading

Manic Depression Records

Manic Depression is an artist-friendly independent record label, mailorder and live promoter based in Paris, France. Basically formed in 1998 by Manic Lio, surrounded by Vincent, JL Manic joined the team in 2005. First focusing on the French Post Punk, goth and related scene (Violet Stigmata, In Memoria, Deadchovsky, Wallenberg, Jacquy Bitch, Frustration), Manic Depression… Keep Reading

Schonwald – Dream For The Fall

“Dream for the Fall…” were the first words moaned on this album, and it perfectly sums the concepts and imagery portrayed on the first track Crystallized; an endless waltz of shadows. The music itself feels like cascading through a dream, hypnotic, entrancing and maliciously delicate. The dream endures into chaos with Deep Metals, an amazing… Keep Reading

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