Short Circuit ‎– Unterwelt

Short Circuit ‎– UnterweltListen to this one, and you will be embraced by darkness…
This is a pretty interesting release: “Unterwelt” is a lost jewel created by  Short Circuit in the early 90’s, and it remained unreleased for so long; the good thing is that the record label Brouillard Définitif, decided to make a proper release.

Definitely, this band has ghostly charm, and this musical experience is powerful, trance inducing, and obsessive. They use minimalistic chords and rhythms; the guitar sound is kind of primitive and overwhelming: Sometimes the guitar is one with the rhythm section, creating a great hook for the listener.

Their sound could be Powerful, noisy, and so catchy in some tracks, and by the other hand; it could be gloomy and claustrophobic. In my opinion, they are a consummated Death Rock band; a true Old-School Death Rock band…Gloom & Doom.

Definitely I can highly recommend this release to people who loves Old-School Death Rock, if you love stuff like “American Gothic”, Kaliffornian Death Rock”, “Killed By Deathrock”, or “Dark New York”, I´m pretty sure that you will love this release too, because this is the real deal: Compared with Short Circuit, most of the colored “Death Rock” bands of the early days of the New Millennium, sound like Happy Punk stuff. You know, some bands of that time (early 2000´s) were based only in image, and they were far away of the real spirit of true Death Rock.  Don’t miss this one… If you are not afraid of the dark. ► by Daniel Olvera