Lucie Cries – Auctor Terminat Opus

Lucie Cries - Auctor Terminat Opus (2014)Coldwave specialist label Brouillard Définitif continues its labor of bringing to light wonders from the past. After A Sordid Poppy, Neva and Odessa, this time it’s super cult band Lucie Cries’ turn. The band’s four maxi CDs, originally released between 1990 and 1993 and currently sold up to 80 euros each on Discogs, have been compiled on a double LP, one maxi CD per side. A great work, absolutely necessary and a joy for the fans, who can now buy these songs at an affordable price.

First side of the first LP brings the songs of the maxi Les Saisons du Doute. No better way to start than with the song “Les Amants de Lucie”: psychedelic-like synth intro, a scream, and then Lucie sends her icy guitar riffs like a punch in your face in a fantastic Post-Punk track. La Longue Marche has a great bass hook, it’s down-tempo, a great song to listen to with your eyes closed. Don’t open them quite yet, “Le Manège” has started. That synth hook! And that bass again! There’s something so melancholic about this song, it brings to mind the old “Chanson Française”. Keep your eyes closed a bit more, and let yourself drown by the cold wave of “Timisoara”. Softly played, like behind a fog curtain. Tribal drums as in a slow motion version of The Cure’s “The Hanging Garden” back up frozen synths and a gloomy bass hook going gradually into higher notes. After this beautiful instrumental track, it’s time to put the dream on hold and flip the vinyl over.

“La Dernière Ordalie” is a display of the finest Post-Punk, and so is “Salamandres et Mandragores”, an intense and punchy track. “L’Ost du Silence” catches the ear, hypnotizes and bewitches the listener. Martial vocals, heavy atmosphere, mystic lyrics, driven by the always breathtaking basslines… Rhythmic changes and loud guitar riffs, as well as drama filled vocals characterize “L’âme de Perpethus”. Last song on this side is “Clara”, yet another present for your ears.

lucie_criesSide three kicks off with “Alea Jacta Est”, an instrumental track displaying nervous guitars on Post Punk bassline. Remarkable. “Soeur de Sang” is another beautiful track in the most classical style of Lucie Cries. “Ultima Verba” brings more rage to this side (composed of the songs originally released on the Maxi CD Myhtes et Lumières in 1991) and so does “Icare”. Once more the bassline is amazing. “Vestale” and the angry “Messaline” close this very powerful side three.

Last side of Auctor Terminat Opus and five tracks from 1993’s La Loi d’Avril. “Venimus, Vidimus, Deus Vicit” is an punchy –almost- instrumental that works fine as an intro, “La Chrysalide De L’ange” and especially “Cassandra” seem to show the evolution of the band at that time. Although the structure is similar to the tracks previously described, the general atmosphere tends to get closer to Gothic Rock and a little less “Coldwave” with heavy guitars and faster beats. With “Vox Dei”, the band confirms the feeling. Although these songs seem rawer, they are full of melancholy and elegance, like the rest of the band’s works.

“Le Premier Pas” is a more classic Lucie Cries track, only poppier. The bassline is always so special and the synths add an almost psychedelic sense to it. Although it displays no new material, Auctor Terminat Opus is a must have for the fans, and for me a really exciting event, as I had been expecting something like this for a while. It is one of the finest releases of 2014 by one of the best Coldwave bands known to this day. It is limited to only 300 copies. No doubt prices will rise in the future, so don’t think twice if you like this cult band. Enjoy it! ► by Guillaume Renard.

Lucie Cries – Auctor Terminat Opus (2014)
Brouillard Définitif
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