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The Spiritual Bat – Escape (Official Video)

YOUR OWN WORLD – AND THE VISION OF SOUND Release Date: September 8th, 2017 Danse Macabre Records/Alive Music by The Spiritual Bat with Ashkelon Sain (synths on “Caress The Scar”) Emilio Torella (synths on “Killing”) ~ Vincenzo Compagnoni (Artwork and Graphic Design) Marco Cento (Mastering) Laura Rossi (Photographer) One of few European underground bands from… Keep Reading


Artica – Panacea (Official Video)

The Artica project began in 1989 with a style close to what in those years was called Dark, Cold Wave and Gothic-Rock music. It took some years before the band could find it’s own musical identity. The first expression of this was, on February 1993, the first demo-tape Marea, featuring 8 tracks with italian lyrics.… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Chris (The Stompcrash)

OFFICIAL SITE What was the very first record you bought? I really can’t remember the first record I bought but I remember some records my parents bought me when I was a little child, one of these was of a punk/new wave Italian singer called Alberto Camerini. What is the most expensive record have you bought?… Keep Reading

BeYond Soul – Electric Slaves (Official Video)

“Sir, do you have a moment to watch the BeYond Soul – Electric Slaves (Official Video)?” BeYond Soul – Electric Slaves (New Single 2016) GET IT FROM BANDCAMP Music and Lyrics by BeYond Soul Recording & Mixing by F. Trombetta (Studio Dupin) Mastering by A. Merlini (WisseLoord Studios) This video is a tribute to wonderful Kurutta… Keep Reading

Schonwald – Inland (Official Video)

Schonwald is a duo from Italy formed by Alessandra Gismondi (voice and bass guitar) and Luca Bandini (guitar, synths and drum machines). Schonwald is all about atmospheres: hypnotic minimalist mood and a noise inclination with echoes of Suicide, New Order, The Cure, mingling with synth melodies straight from the ’80. Schonwald are evil, dark, dismal, empty,…… Keep Reading

Kill Your Boyfriend – Kill Your Boyfriend

Kill Your Boyfriend is a new and interesting band based in Treviso, Italy. They have a mixture of Post Punk, 80’s Darkwave, Shoegaze and Punk. You can found some classic influences in their music, but they are under a fresh and pleasant perspective. Their music is exciting and energetic, combined with atmospheric introspection, and you… Keep Reading

Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index in its latest form is formed by Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), and the Roman girls have just released their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”. After two widely acclaimed EP, the expectation was high. The result is even better than expected. “Slanting… Keep Reading


Ash Code – Nite Rite (Official Video) Director: Elio De Filippo (Nubes grafica) Assistant: Jessica Squillante Recording & Mixing: L’arte Dei Rumori LYRICS Volume up, lights down, the time is running out The wax melts on memories wrecked by doubts I don’t have to think now, it’s the moment to pretend, The answers are so clear, It’s not the end In… Keep Reading

Interview with The Stompcrash

Interview with The Stompcrash (the first two questions conducted by email, due to the tape snapping after the original interview was conducted) Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  You’ve done a number of collaborations on your songs, do you have plans for any more? The Stompcrash (Chris): We don’t know, we are working on new songs and… Keep Reading


Geometric Vision – Virtual Analog Tears

The musical climate of these past few years has shifted from the resurgence of Post-punk to an enigmatic Post-punk/Darkwave hybrid; drifting into realms of drum machines, tasteful amounts of haunting keyboards, and dreamy guitars submerged in echo-delay. Though the first half of the album has some of the band’s best work in my opinion, the… Keep Reading


Interview with Horror Vacui

Interview with Horror Vacui at the Butler’s Arms Reading, Friday 26/9/15 early afternoon. Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): This is raven and the Gothicfox doing an interview for, and we are here with Horror Vacui (lots of cheering) The first question for you guys, how did your invite come about to play at Sacrasanct 2015?… Keep Reading

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