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Interview with Jyrki Witch (Two Witches)

Two Witches Russian tour April 2011 Marko, Zynthexia, Aleksi & Jyrki Witch Photo © Jeannette Fischer Definitely, Two Witches is a reference name of the Gothic Rock from the 90’s. If you were involved in the scene of that time, you know for sure to such classic songs like: “Hungry eyes”, “Requiem”, “Bites and Bloody… Keep Reading

Interview with She Past Away (English)

She Past Away is for many people THE discovery of 2012. With their blend of styles and influences rooted in the 80’s and their unique vocals in Turkish, they have created a fiercely modern sound, with a captivating and addictive atmosphere. Their dark and cold sound has become a must play on the dancefloors. We took… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Ike Vil (Sleep Of Monsters)

Ike Vil – Voice (Sleep Of Monsters – Babylon Whores) Sleep Of Monsters Official   Facebook What was the very first record you bought? Some rockabilly album I’ve forgotten! What is the most expensive record have you bought? Probably some Misfits bootleg in the early 90’s What are your 5 very favorite bands ever Dead Moon,… Keep Reading


13 Questions to Juha Juntunen (The Flatfield)

Juha Juntunen – Bass (The Flatfield) Official Facebook  – Bandcamp What was the very first record you bought? First Record i bought was “Under a Blood Red Sky” – live album by U2 What is the most expensive record have you bought? The most expensive record that I have bought I think is radio promo U2… Keep Reading

Interview with Still Patient?

STILL PATIENT? … Now and then Classic Goth Rockers from the 90’s scene, doing some great music in the New Millennium. Still patient rises again, and they have a new album called “Shape Shifters” this album has an interesting combination of experience, and the excitement of being an active band again. They are ready and… Keep Reading

Interview with The Stompcrash

Interview with The Stompcrash (the first two questions conducted by email, due to the tape snapping after the original interview was conducted) Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy):  You’ve done a number of collaborations on your songs, do you have plans for any more? The Stompcrash (Chris): We don’t know, we are working on new songs and… Keep Reading


Interview with Long Night

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Absolute honour to meet you guys, thanks ever so much for taking the time to speak to us. There is a lot of anticipation over your debut release just from the 2-3 tracks that have already been issued, do you have any time frame for when we can expect this release… Keep Reading


Interview with Horror Vacui

Interview with Horror Vacui at the Butler’s Arms Reading, Friday 26/9/15 early afternoon. Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): This is raven and the Gothicfox doing an interview for, and we are here with Horror Vacui (lots of cheering) The first question for you guys, how did your invite come about to play at Sacrasanct 2015?… Keep Reading

Interview with Grooving In Green

► Interview by Raven and The Gothicfox How did the recruitment of Simon Rippin and Stephen Carey come about for Sacrosanct and just what does it mean to have them now want to remain a part of GIG’s latest evolution PETE: Steve was always going to play, we had asked Steve a while back and he was… Keep Reading


Interview with October People

Raven and The Gothicfox (Andy): Day 2 of Sacrosanct and here we are interviewing The October People, lovely to meet you all. First question – how did the invite come about to play at Sacrosanct this year? October People (Gio): Ok, this year we were contacted by Dave and Simone, they really liked our 2nd album and they… Keep Reading


Interview with Arcane Winter

Arcane Winter is a new project made by very experienced musicians, also they are very well-known names in the underground scene from the UK. This new project includes former members from such bands as: Every New Dead Ghost, The Realm, Lupine, Midnight Configuration, etc. Their music is very guitar-oriented with an exciting and electric sound,… Keep Reading


Interview with Doc Marten | Lotus Feed

Lotus Feed has been in our Top albums of the year lists for 2 years consecutively. They emerged to the new decade with a fresh sound that has a lot of ingredients from the old school. It’s one of those bands that are easily recognized because of their sound. We had a conversation with their… Keep Reading


Interview with Come With Reverse

3 years ago one of the bands who dig very deep in my head, was born. The Greek guys of Come With Reverse released their self-titled debut album which has had very good reviews. One of the things that caught me is that they occasionally sound like Dronning Maud Land. A young band with a… Keep Reading

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