Thalie Nemesis – Nemesis

Thalie Nemesis - Nemesis (2014)Thalie Nemesis is a solo project hailing from Marseille France. It is an interesting hybrid of Monica Richards, PJ Harvey and a Gothic blending of medieval and pagan hymns; speckled with the fine sensibilities of dark alternative rock. The casual listener will find the songs enchanting, evenly paced; while peering into the mind of this mysterious solo artist; tales of revenge, witchcraft, love, and mind games. She sites Riot Grrl Music as inspiration and I can hear lots of Courtney Love/Kat Bjelland on the title track Nemesis.

The album begins with The Hunting, a beautiful string instrument driven mesh of alternative rock and Gothic rock. The Puzzler is a bit cabaret inspired with many builds up to a chorus that seems has gone missing, yet you feel the artists’ pain and anguish channeled into the composition. I’m a Witch is an invitation to a the enchanted cottage found in the deepest ends of the forest, a creepy endeavor.

Somehow I feel there is a repetitive tone to the vocal delivery, this seems to be her own personal approach by the time I reach the song Stockholm Syndrome. You can feel the alternative rock spirit alive in the song Waste which uses some jagged piano melodies to portray the disarray and despair; again the repetitiveness of saying “Wasting Man”(?) in the chorus so often is a bit off putting. Paris at Night is romantic and lovely, the guitar work reminds me of Sofia Run.

Towards Dusk is a ghastly walk into a witches bog with it’s down tempo bongos setting the eerie mood exquisitely. Call the Fire is a dirge, a dark warning of incantation, flowing with empowerment and mysticism. The final track Winter Song is a charming final chapter to end Nemesis, an enchanting piece of longing and forlorn . If I had one complaint it’s the repetitiveness of the song title on some of the tracks on the album. With a little more subtlety, the listener wouldn’t feel the bombardment of such repetitiveness. This is of course, all personal opinion, perhaps it is her particular style which many find endearing.

For fans of Riot Grrl alternative rock with a Gothic chamber twist I would definitely recommend this album. ► by Dj Detra

Thalie Nemesis – Nemesis (2014)
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