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Country of origin: Australia Year of Creation: 1993 City/Location: Melbourne Official site: Members: Clifford Ennis (Vocals, Bass, Programming, Guitar) Rick Mullen (Guitar & Programming). Related Bands: Ikon, Jerusalem Syndrome, Razorfade. Subterfuge were formed in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990’s by Clifford Ennis, along with Rick Mullen and Brendan Toull. After meeting in the… Keep Reading


Ikon – Azkadelia

As always it is a pleasure to listen to the music of Ikon, they are one of the most respected bands in the Post Punk- Gothic Rock scene. This is their 2012 single “Azkadelia”; this one includes five tracks for your listening pleasure. Five finely crafted songs executed with excellence and passion. Another true collector’s… Keep Reading


Country of origin: Australia Year of creation: 1991 – present City/ Location: Melbourne Official site: Members: Chris McCarter (vocals, guitars, programming), Dino Molinaro (bass), Clifford Ennis (guitar), David Burns (drums). Related Bands: Jerusalem Syndrome, Crimes of Passion, Subterfuge. Official biography The Beginning Chris McCarter and Dino Molinaro met in English class at Geoghegan College… Keep Reading

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