Click on Bandcamp: Ground Nero – Beyond

The GROUND is NERO and it is about the cold atmosphere, the deep darkness of the soul. It finds it’s origin in the black, Limburg mining area of the 80’S, similar to the sad, melancholic and cheerless atmosphere of the Manchester area of that time. The dark ground is the base, where bass player Peter Philtjens and Peter Smeets, guitars, previously part of the 80ies cold wave band, Von Durckheim set off after many years to find and go back to their basics.

After having formed “The Machine“ behind GROUND NERO, they needed to find the best possible conductor, who could express, articulate their musical thoughts and could blend with the heavy, melancholic sound of the band. And they did:

Guido Wampers, the former and original singer of the 80’s coldwave band Portrait Bizarre, who even made it into John Peel’s cult show with one of their songs. His voice has grown, become mature, dark and melancholic, perfectly lifting the GROUND NERO sound to a new dimension…

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