Merciful Nuns – Exoplanet EP + Single

Merciful Nuns - Exoplanet  EP + Single  (2014)Merciful Nuns have a new EP (and a forthcoming album) and this band is like an unlimited source of great Gothic Rock; the discography of Merciful Nuns has been growing year after year, and their releases are really worth to have them, because this is high quality Gothic Rock of The new Millennium. This EP is a very special edition because it’s a four-song CD EP, and it includes a 7” single as a bonus.

The “Exoplanet” 7” single starts with the powerful song “Gamma Ray”, it features everything we like from Merciful Nuns: a consistent and solid pace, strong rhythm, the dominant bass lines of Jawa, top guitar work by John, and the mighty voice of Artaud. The production work is impeccable, and once again we can appreciate to this perfectly-tuned Gothic Rock machinery called Merciful Nuns. This song is mid-paced and really strong. “A Day That Fades” is slower and it has this darkly-melodic bass sound. This song is very rhythmical, it has great density, and it elevates the spirit; I really like this one.

The 7” single is totally Merciful Nuns sound, by the other hand I think that “Exoplanet” CD is kind of a spiritual successor of The Garden Of Delight; they have returned to this kind of Progressive Gothic Rock sound, the psychonautic atmosphere, and the esoteric feeling. ”Exoplanet” (CD) feels like a single unit: It’s like a huge Gothic Rock suite; constructed by different stages and movements tied in a logical progression, instead of an EP with four individual songs.

The astral travel begins with “Planet Mover” this song is totally atmospheric and is like an outer-space experience, the rhythm goes in crescendo in a very smooth way. Artaud is a master when doing this kind of progressions in songs like these: going from immersive atmosphere, to dynamic-fluent rhythms with guitar power. “Argonauts” takes us to the depths of mystery, with this thick atmosphere and the dramatic vocal performance of Artaud . “Nebular” is a sonic limbo; and right after this we have this pretty immersive song called “Violet Flame”, I think that this one could be a total listening pleasure for the fans of Garden Of Delight.

Merciful Nuns have released a very interesting EP, and now I’m very enthusiastic and expectant about the next album: “Meteora VII” (Scheduled for September)

The astral travel continues….  ► by Daniel Olvera

Merciful Nuns – Exoplanet (2014)
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