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Trouble Fait´ – Comet Camdem

Trouble Fait - Comet CamdemSometimes to talk about Post-Punk is like to talk about Rock. Talking about rock, you can go from Metal to Progressive and 1000 more styles in between. To define a band simply as a Post Punk act could be tricky because there is a wide range of sounds going to some bands closer to the punk Rock roots, to some of the finest sounds available in the 80’s, the list can go on and on….

I could say that most of the time people only think about the Cure and Joy Division, when talking about a post punk band. France’s Trouble Fait´ has a very unique sound and proposal, and their music made me think about Curve, Magazine, The Sound, some stuff by Colourbox , Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and even Japan came to my mind. The music of Trouble Fait´ is very influenced by these enormous bands and this is quite good. In this album called “Comet Camden”, they have a very interesting mix of Post Punk, New Wave, Dream Pop , Alternative and some musical experiments which are really good to listen. Although I have mentioned some influences, the band has found their own way to produce their songs with a very unique personality and they have a very distinctive sound.

When creating music they don’t follow a pre-conceived recipe or a pre-established style, they just let things flow and they bring us some unique and really fascinating tunes. And the songs are very different one from each other. The voice of Jicé Letter has similar tones like the ones of The Bolshoi’s Trevor Tanner, in the opening track “A Bridge To Nowhere”, and it’s a quite relaxing song. ”Northland” has a very unique sound and it’s very catchy on its own way.”Nightly Gleams” is really well constructed, another relaxing track with great rhythm.

“The Walls Have Ears” has a very positive vibe, has lots of vitality and great guitar sound. “She Sleeps In Pain” brings some touch of Dark Cabaret style to this record. ”Comet Camden” has a harder sound, while “A Voice Speaks From Nowhere” has a fascinating intensity combined with dark- melodic passages. “Thunderstorm” as its name suggests, it’s harder and edgy. ”Arrogant Culture”, could be a really good single. It’s catchy and with good rhythm.”Boys Of The Rain” has lots of good changes and closes this interesting album. This is a honest band doing things on its own, and they offer a very singular proposal worth to give it a try, if you want to expand your musical horizon with their unique brand of Post-Punk. ► by Daniel Olvera

Trouble Fait´ – Comet Camdem (2010)


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